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About Us

Skeem Team™ (Skeem Team Apparel, Skeem Team Athletics) is a premiere sportswear and uniform company that specializes in the the design, development, manufacturing of apparel, multi-sport uniforms, accessories, and services. 
The company’s headquarters are located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. They are a major producer of custom apparel, accessories, uniforms and one of the major suppliers of athletic uniforms to Philadelphia city and suburban schools, public and private leagues, across all sports. 
Their mission is to provide an intersectionality between innovative designs, from an aesthetic perspective, and function that will enhance performance of its wearers; from the elite athlete to the everyday laymen. Moreover, their charge is to inspire all to achieve greatness via three core values: 
Founded in 2010 by visionary and CEO, Nasir Yard, Skeem Team™ was created as an urban clothing line. It reached immediate success and popularity because of its eye catching designs. In 2016, Yard, former college athlete himself, saw an opportunity for more innovative and creative designs in sports. This is how Skeem Team Athletics was born. 
Skeem Team™ sponsors many brands and sports teams around the Pennsylvania metro area, with the highly recognized slogans of 'Workaholics' & ‘NO OFF SEASON”. In addition, they regularly host, coordinate, and/or sponsor athlete development events because they are committed to contributing to the future of elite athletes across all sports.

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